Jake’s High School Survival Guide

Getting through high school with anxiety and depression

Below are some accounts that I actually find to be beneficial to my mental health, which is rare for social media accounts nowadays. If any of them sound interesting, go ahead and follow them!

I will be updating this post regularly as I keep discovering great accounts, so make sure to check in for updates every once in a while!

The Depression Project @realdepressionproject

If you’re going to follow any account on this post, I would follow this one. Although the name might suggest otherwise, the account posts about all kinds of mental health topics, all of which I have found to be very useful. The account helps you identify symptoms that you might not know are indicative of mental illness, which helps me personally because it lets me tell myself that my thoughts aren’t my fault or something I should feel ashamed of. The account also talks a lot about different ways that people may unknowingly be playing down your mental illness or trying to put the blame on you, and assures you that these people are wrong in their assertions. It really feels like each new post takes some weight off of my shoulder and reminds me that my depression and anxiety aren’t my fault.

Tank’s Good News @tanksgoodnews and Good News Movement @goodnews_movement

These accounts’ posts aren’t primarily about psychology or mental health, but the positive impact that they have had on me means I have to mention them. As the name implies, all these account ever post is good, uplifting news that never fails to put a smile on my face. With how awful the world might seem right now, these accounts are a breath of fresh air that everyone needs (even if they don’t know it yet).

DLC Anxiety @dlcanxiety

This account is basically all about anxiety, trying to aid those that suffer from the disorder as well as teaching those that don’t suffer from anxiety how to help those that do. Something I really enjoy about the account is that it shares posts created by other accounts, which is a great way for me to find other accounts that weren’t previously on my radar. Because generalized anxiety is so common, I think this is an account that everyone should follow, no matter if they suffer from mental illness or not.

Whitney Goodman @sitwithwhit

Whitney’s account has a lot of elements that are similar to DLC Anxiety and The Depression Project’s posts, but they feel a bit more personal as they come from just one psychotherapist. She posts a lot of affirmations in an effort to reduce her followers’ anxieties, which I find to be helpful. Whitney also posts very regularly about relationship advice which can be extremely valuable; it’s hard to find personal relationship advice like hers nowadays.

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